Tea, SCOBY, and other Flavor Items

Tea Recommendations

All kombucha starts with tea, but what kind of tea? You don’t have to overthink this one. I like simple blends unless I am going for a specific flavor. All you really need is a blend of loose leaf black and green teas. I have selected a couple I think are perfect for a standard batch of kombucha. Later, in your journey, as you progress you will want to experiment with flavored teas, but hold that thought. When you are ready check out my videos section.

Flavor Items

Sugar: No matter what kind of Kombucha you are brewing, you are going to need sugar. I recommend an organic cane sugar.

Butterfly Pea Flowers: Have you seen our Butterfly Kombucha? The secret is in the Butterfly Pea flower. This will give your Kombucha an unbelievable flavor.​ If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch our video on How to Flavor your Kombucha.

Lemon grass: Lemon grass is an amazing additive for flavoring and even coloring kombucha. It also has some great health benefits like anti-oxidants​ and anti-inflammatory agents.

Hibiscus Flowers: This is hands down one of my favorite things to add to tea blends. Hibiscus is so flavorful and complementary to tea. The color is beautiful, plus it’s rich in vitamin C and is known to help with blood pressure regulation.


SCOBY Recommendations

If you are thinking about brewing you probably paused when you heard the word SCOBY. What is that?!?! It’s an acronym that stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. You need this to brew kombucha. For more info, check out my What is SCOBY video. Once you start brewing you will produce a new SCOBY every time you brew. That being said, you need one to get started. Fear not, I have made it easy for you. Here are three recommendations I have found that are a perfect size and will get you on your way quickly and easily. Each of these also comes with 1 cup of starter tea, the other must have if you are going to brew that first batch.

Brewing Products