Brewing Products

Now that you have read up on how to brew (and probably watched my video), and you have the needed ingredients, the last piece of the puzzle is products. What products or kitchen tools are you going to need to do this? You might have some of this stuff at home. That being said I created a quick checklist to make sure you have everything you need on hand when you are ready to brew.

Glass Jars & Fermenting Bottles

What are you going to make your kombucha in? You need a glass jar to pour the brewed tea into and set to ferment. This is how kombucha is made. You probably want either a 1 or 2 gallon jar, it just depends on how much you want to make. I usually brew 2 gallons at a time. When you consider I’m usually brewing for a family of four (myself, my husband, and my two boys) a gallon just isn’t enough.

​If you want to portion your Kombucha out into servings, then grab yourself some 16oz. fermenting bottles. These are the perfect alternative to fermenting in a 1 or 2 gallon glass jar.​

Measuring Pitcher

As you go through the process, there is going to be a fair amount of measuring, mostly water, to make sure you have the right proportions. I recommend going with one that holds at least a quart, but I have also linked one that measures 4 quarts. It just depends on how many pours you want to do, and again how much you plan to brew. Cambro pitchers are found in almost every commercial kitchen/restaurant in America! I love this brand because they are built to last and the Cambro Company is based in my hometown, Huntington Beach.


You need a strainer, one you can hold over your vessel because you are going to be pouring your brewed tea into it, and you don’t want the loose leaves pouring in there. I recommend a wire strainer with a handle and opposing tabs that will hang on the rim of the vessel. It just makes the pouring process easier. After all, you are going to be pouring a pot of brewed tea, and you only have 2 hands. This is my favorite strainer because of its double mesh design. Have the extra layer helps for keep the unwanted bits and pieces out of your kombucha.

Long Spoon

This simple metal spoon it is perfect tool to conduct heat and save your glass jars from breaking. Highly recommend taking the extra step with this tool. Also, there is going to be some stirring involved, and if you are dealing with a 2 gallon vessel, you are going to want one long enough that you don’t have to dip your hand in there. Again, you probably have this already but make sure it’s out when you start.

Linen Napkins

Rather than putting a screw on lid atop your vessel, I prefer to drape a linen napkin over the top and secure it with rubber bands. I love these napkins because these are stain resistant and look super cute! Black and white checks are my definition of farm house chic!

Heavy Duty Rubberbands

USE TWO! After I drape the napkin over the vessel I secure it with rubber bands. These will hold the napkin on the jar tightly. I always use two because if one breaks or fails in anyway, you have a second on there and your batch isn’t ruined. Learn from my experience. Nothing is worse than taking the time and effort to brew a batch only to have it ruined a week later when the stupid rubber band breaks. So, Stock up on these guys. They are inexpensive and really do come in handy.

Paper Tag

Finally you want to label your batch with the date. This way you know when it’s ready. I use paper hang tags with string. They are large and easy to write on, and the string just goes under the rubber band hanging there for you to gaze at each day in anticipation of fresh kombucha.

Getting the right Tea & SCOBY
Brewing Products