Fermentation is an ancient process that has long been used to preserve food. Unlike pickled foods that require vinegar for preservation, the fermentation process actually enhances the nutritional value of food.  More specifically, we practice lacto-fermentation which uses the lactic acid that occurs naturally in food. This process creates probiotic rich food with increased vitamins and enhanced enzymes. I am still amazed that you can grow vitamins C,B,K in your kitchen with just a little salt and some veggies!

We are committed to using the best ingredients possible. Many of our vegetable ferments will only be available seasonally as we do our best to follow our local growing seasons. Eating locally is the best way to reduce our carbon footprint.

“American food travels an average of 1,500 to 2,500 miles from farm to table, reports the Worldwatch Institute”

It is also believed that more than 50% of that well traveled food spoils on its long journey to get to us.

We believe in small Family Farms even though they have very well become a dying American tradition. The average age of the American Farmer is now 55 years old. Many family farms are being abandoned as their children are not interested in continuing on in the family business. Which is why we will always support our local farmers. Not only are local crops picked on the day we buy them, but they have greater nutritional content and they taste BETTER!