Moving on to Online Pastures

As you may have seen on social media yesterday, I have decided to move on from my kombucha bar in Costa Mesa.  It was a tough decision, and one I have been wrestling with for months.  I really loved the retail/restaurant atmosphere, and truly loved working and visiting with kombucha enthusiasts.  That being said, I just feel I can really focus my efforts in a more efficient way, and be of more value to all of you, if I focus on creating content online.  So, I made the decision to sell my costa mesa location.
I’ve known Jesse from very early on when Farm and Culture Co. first opened it’s doors at the SOCO.  He is a kombucha enthusiast and we kombucha lovers always seem to cross paths at some point.  I actually remember Jesse giving me some free advice about draft systems and kegging, etc.  I think he even offered to help me with a couple of carbonation issues I was having at the time.  I don’t remember the details 3 years later, but I do remember this young guy- nice enough to offer his help and insight.  Pretty cool that there are still people like that in the world!
I am so happy to be passing the keys over to Rich Elixirs with Jesse Rich and his wife Brooke at the helm.  These two are seriously THE power kombucha couple and I am sending them all of my good thoughts and support for this next chapter in their lives.  They have some amazing ideas- I’m talking next level kombucha talent!  Congrats and good luck to them both- we are all looking forward to the grand opening of Rich Elixirs!
Stay tuned guys. Farm and Culture Co.tea blends are available exclusively on Amazon and I am looking forward to sharing all of my favorite recipes with you on our YouTube Channel, as well as Instagram and Facebook.
Stay tuned for updates- lots more planned for the future and this very exciting time!