Who Really Gives a Flock?

Having a flock of chickens has been one of the most rewarding experiences for our little family.  Watching hens clucking around the yard feels so calming and therapeutic, kind of like watching fish swim in an aquarium. They continually forage for insects to eat and grass to nibble on, only resting for a dust bath in the warm sun. These girls feast on all the extras from the garden, and their poop, along with their egg shells go straight in to the compost- I’m talking ZERO waste!!!  The best part is of course the mountains of eggs you find in the chicken coop. We can’t eat them fast enough during the warmer months so I give them to friends and family from time to time. You would be amazed how much happiness comes from a half a dozen eggs- people just love getting them!  It’s the strangest thing!  Living in Southern California, I have some pretty affluent friends with amazing homes, super cars, and designer hoodies to match- people who can afford most anything love getting my eggs the most! I tell them to make sure you clean off the little skid marks on the eggshells before you make that omelet, no one wants chicken turds in their breakfast!!!  And why wouldn’t anyone love these golden yolked little gems? After all, these eggs are pastured, free range, organic, soy free, non GMO, insert buzz word here, etc.

I also like making pickled eggs to keep up with with my flock. My two favorite recipes and are Spicy Turmeric Pickled Eggs and Beet Pickled Eggs. I know what you are thinking… Pickled Eggs… like those rubbery things floating around in a giant glass jar?  They used to have those at every dive bar I ever went to- I didn’t like them then and I can’t imagine I’ll like them now…and you maybe right. I’m not a huge fan of pickled eggs either but they make the BEST deviled eggs you’ve ever had in your life!  The abundance of flavor is only matched by their beautiful color! Deviled eggs are perfect for parties- everyone loves to eat them!

Make sure you are subscribed to the Farm & Culture Youtube channel, and stay tuned. I’ll be putting up some recipes for these various deviled eggs soon.